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PHP x 42333
Laravel x 7025
Yii x 238
CodeIgniter x 704
Symfony x 1006
CakePHP x 144
Zend Framework x 17
Phalcon x 29
FuelPHP x 2
Slim x 42
JavaScript x 4234
React x 147
Angular x 74
Vue.js x 41
JQuery x 598
Node.js x 72
MySQL x 2803
CSS x 292
Bootstrap x 173
Foundation x 12
Animate.css x 1
HTML x 2152

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JavaScript is a multi-paradigm language that supports event-driven, functional, and mandatory (including object-oriented and prototype-based) programming types. Originally JavaScript was only used on the client side. JavaScript is now still used as a server-side programming language. To summarize, we can say that JavaScript is the language of the Internet.


Node.js is an open source server-side framework built on top of the Google Chrome JavaScript Engine. The number of sites using NodeJS has increased by 84,000. It is one of the busiest cross-platform JavaScript runtimes. Node.js is an asynchronous, single-threaded, non-blocking I / O model that makes it lightweight and efficient. The Node.js package ecosystem, npm, is also the world's largest open source library ecosystem.

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